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Choosing the Right Data Recovery Provider

Follow these guidelines and you will have a far better chance at retrieving the lost data and a much better customer experience!

Here we will expose some of the false promises and misperceptions that most people are subjected to while researching data recovery services:

1.) "Diagnostic/Evaluation Fees"

It is now industry standard that the initial evaluation is totally free of charge. The leading data recovery companies will provide a free evaluation for most data loss situations. Some companies may charge an evaluation fee, shop around for a free evaluation.

2.) "FREE Phone Analysis of damaged Media"

Nobody can possibly know the condition of the platters in the Head Disk Assembly without looking inside the drive?

3.) "Guaranteed estimates and recovery price range"

Some companies guarantee the recovery will anything cost from £95 to £1500. If faced with this sort of estimate, expect to pay £1495.

4.) "Bad mouthing the opposition"

Some companies will go to any lengths to secure your custom. If a company is bad mouthing another company over the telephone it is likely they don't have the confidence in their service for the client to be able to make up their own mind. Datatrack Labs will never pass comment on any other company, they believe their products, customer track record and services speak for themselves.

5.) "Guaranteed Data Recovery!"

It impossible to guarantee successful recovery before even evaluating the media.

6.) "24 to 72 hour standard service turnaround"

A 24 – 72 hour turnaround is possible, but expect to pay a much higher fee. If the company in question is offering a fast turnaround for a standard low quote it's very likely you will be told parts need to be ordered and will probably have to wait 14 – 28 days for the recovery.

7.) "ISO CLASS 1, 3, 10, 100 Clean Room. The Best Clean Room in the UK"

You will see many data recovery companies claiming to have the best clean facility in the UK. It's all good and well possessing a Class 1, 3 or 10 clean room but if the capabilities of the engineer working in that facility are not up to standard, it's totally irrelevant. Also these facilities are more costly to run so expect to pay inflated recovery prices!

Datatrack Labs don't need to boast about that fact because they possess an industry standard class 100 clean facility, As used by the worlds leading data recovery companies.

8.) "Will beat any competitors' price"

Some "garage labs" and ‘Fred in a shed' are charging £99 for an attempted recovery. This is usually just somebody with a data recovery software program downloaded from the internet which will have very limited capabilities; it may work 1 out of 100 times. There is also a very high chance this software recovery attempt could render a very unstable hard drive unrecoverable.

9.) "We guarantee the lowest price in the world for hard drive recovery"

This is quite a statement however; you get what you pay for. If the cost of a recovery exceeds the price you were quoted you are not going to get the level of service you expected. No company goes into business to lose money. Your drive will be deemed unrecoverable and returned to you. This is why many other data recovery companies state that they have recovered files from a drive that another data recovery company could not retrieve. The files were in fact retrievable from the start.

10.) "Look at our clean room certificate!"

It's easy to fraudulently produce any certificate. Even though Datatrack Labs possess such documentation they believe it's far more beneficial to a potential customer to produce real photographs of their recovery laboratory. There is one company in particular which sprung up in December 08 which has published a ‘clean room' photograph on their website. The photograph in question is over 5 years old and has been seen on many data recovery websites around the globe.

11.)” We are able to perform data recovery to the same standard as even the most established companies”

This may be true. It's difficult spotting the difference between a genuine data recovery company or a PC Repair guy with some data recovery software. A few tell tale signs include...

Poor Website. If the website looks like a dog's dinner, it clearly shows they don't have the resources to invest in the required facilities to produce a top class data recovery service. Data Recovery is an expensive process with huge running costs.

Lack of contact details on the website. If there is no address on the website, it's likely the company in question operates a garden shed.

No Accounting Records at Companies House. If no accounts have been filed or there is no company number, Fred in a Shed is probably trading illegally.

Lack of Communication – If the company in question is hard to get hold of via the telephone during business hours, it's likely ‘Fred' only answers the phone after he has finished his other day job.

Lack of Knowledge – Don't be afraid to ask questions, do some research yourself, if the data recovery company seem puzzled at your research it's probably because you know more about the internal workings of a hard drive than them.

Criteria to choosing the right company,

  • Free Evaluations
  • No Data No Fee*
  • Class 100 Clean Facilities
  • Established Trading Name
  • Real Testimonials
  • Real Case Studies of Real Recoveries
  • Tools to remove read/write heads, hard drive platters and to repair disk firmware
  • Fixed Upfront Pricing

Datatrack Labs fully fulfil the above criteria.

If the data is precious, choose the right data recovery company, choose Datatrack Labs.

A Few Of Our Clients

  • Panasonic
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Vodafone
  • Barclays
  • Shell UK
  • American Express
  • Hutchison 3G
  • University of Manchester
  • University of London
  • University of Wales
  • University of Strathclyde
  • University of Sunderland
  • Newcastle University
  • NHS
  • HSBC
  • Argos
  • Volvo
  • IBM


I was very pleased with the service provided by Datatrack Labs Ltd. They were very helpful, honest, and kept me well informed at all stages. Initially my failed hard drive was sent to another firm which claims to be one of the cheapest for data recovery in the UK, and from the information given them over the phone, they said that recovery should not cost more than £97: however after evaluating my drive they said that the Head Disk Assembly Unit had failed and would have to be replaced before recovery could be attempted: this would cost £365. Being familiar with computing I felt this alleged failure did not match the symptoms so I had the drive returned immediately. I then sent it to Datatrack Labs who quickly confirmed my suspicions - the Head Disk Assembly Unit had not failed and they achieved a full recovery of my data for about £100 less than the other firm and included a new 500 GB external hard drive. I would confidently recommend Datatrack Labs Ltd to anyone with a failed hard drive.

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